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Penetrant EH – high speed anionic wetter with re-wet properties.

Penetrant EH-100 – excellent, fast wetter for cotton and synthetics, widely used on nylon hosiery.

Ultrawet TFR – economical, fast wetter; excellent for beams and packages.

Ultrapal QX9 – very fast cationic wetter for all fibers, especially synthetics.

Ultrawet RW – nonionic/anionic rewetting agent; good for some finishes.


Ultrascour K2XM – alkaline based scour for wide range of oils, greases, and general mill soiling – very efficient pre-scour for cottons, cotton blends and synthetics.

Ultrascour E – caustic stable, high solids, continuous wax scour; excellent stability in peroxide bleaching – no fish eyes.

Ultrascour V – soaping agent for reactive and vat dyes to improve crocking.

Ultrascour F35 – poly/cotton bleaching scour – excellent as emulsifier and low foam – caustic stable up to 5% NaOH 50%


Ultraquest 120 – HEDTA based product, effective range of use from pH 2 – 12 on wide range of metallic compounds.

Ultraquest FE – alkaline stable iron chelation agent for peroxide bleaching – reduces pin holes.

Ultraquest CP – specially blended chelate/binding agent, excellent pre-bleach chelate for removal of metals.


Ultralube EXP – SCO based fiber lubricant and dyebath leveling agent, improves dye penetration, wetability, and overall levelness. Imparts softness to fabrics and yarns. May be used exhaust or continuous. Excellent to improve weaving efficiencies.

Lubricant BA – anionic lubricant designed to impart maximum performance in the beaming process of indigo dyed warp yarns for denim. This penetrant and lubricant allows individual yarns to untangle from the rope and plat nicely onto the warp beams. Anionic in nature, readily soluble in water. Excellent fiber to fiber lubrication


Ultra D Foam 2D – non-silicone hydrocarbon emulsion for both atmospheric and pressure dye equipment.

Ultra D Foam #10 – silicone based defoamer for use in pressure and atmospheric conditions.

Ultra D Foam #40 – reacted silicone emulsion in highly concentrated form – stable to high temperatures and alkali.


Ultrasoft NI – non-ionic softener, non yellowing, stable to high amounts of alkali.

Ultrasoft BW 11 – cationic softener with excellent soft hand. Excellent for napping of open-end spun yarns.

Ultrasoft NYC – cationic softener, widely used in hosiery/medical stockings. Very soft hand.

Ultrasoft NH-100 – silicone based softener for hosiery, excellent for cottons and synthetics.

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