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Ultrahoof Enviroclean  is a polymer based, low ph detergent that is useful as a broad anti-microbial, anti-mold and anti-fungal cleaning/sanitizing compound that is economically priced as compared to most commercially available anti-microbial cleaners on the market today.

Ultrahoof Enviroclean is a safe and effective animal hoof-cleaning compound that will help prevent disease and wart growth while protecting the environment.  Field test suggests a 20%-30% overall reduction in lesions as compared to Copper Sulfate treatments while improving the environmental impact as compared to existing cleaning products.


Ultrahoof Enviroclean contains 99% less Copper than copper sulfate, no Zinc or formaldehyde.

Additional Advantages:

• Ultrahoof Enviroclean is sold in liquid form so it is much easier to handle in the field than traditional powdered products.  No mixing or blending required.
Two gallons of Ultrahoof Enviroclean will treat approximately 250 cows.
• Ultrahoof Enviroclean  is an excellent cost effective anti-microbial, anti-mold and anti-fungal low ph cleaning compound which is made from all natural occurring earth elements.
• Ultrahoof Enviroclean is an odor free, phosphate free, and contains no VOC’s.  
• Ultrahoof Enviroclean is non corrosive to stainless steel metals and will not burn human or animal skin
• Ultrahoof Enviorclean is green technology contributing very low BOD/COD to wastewater treatment systems and will contribute nutrient rich nitrogen for plant growth when pumped from lagoons.
• Ultrahoof Enviorclean is a manufactured product with a very extended shelf life maintaining consistent strength.  No vapor pressure
• Ultrahoof Enviroclean is water soluble and free rinsing
• Ultrahoof Enviorclean contains no nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactant (NPES) detergent chemistries

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