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Ultramal H-100 is a biodegradable polymeric surfactant and anti-redeposition concentrate with a wide range of uses, such as, cleaning compounds for car wash's and all types of hard surface cleaners. Ultramal H-100 will remove road film from chrome and metal parts such as grills, bumpers and other bright work.
Anti-Redeposition properties help keep vehicles and equipment cleaner for longer, thereby, requiring fewer cleaning cycles.  Ultramal H-100 removes brake dust and prevents redeposit by actually repelling dust and other soils.  With the Ultramal H-100 technology you will be able to replaces five products with one (car wash, tire/wheel cleaner, glass cleaner and bug remover) because of its unique sheeting action which requires little to no auto wax.

Ultramal H-100 is very concentrated and readily mixes with water.  For RTU, can be diluted with water up to 70% and still maintain its effectiveness.


1. Replaces most  NPE products
2. Degreasing capabilities without harsh solvents
3. Very concentrated / Economical
4. Multi-purpose cleaning capability
5. Excellent chelating properties
6. Will replace most waxing applications
7. All in one product

Suggested Formulations:

Typical starting Carwash Formula  
Ultramal H-100                             20%                                  
Amide 15 MD(viscosity builder)       3%                                   
Color and Fragrance                                                               
Water                                         77%

Hard Surface Cleaner                   
Ultramal H-100                               3%
Color and Fragrance
Water                                          95%                                                 

Chemical and Physical Properties:
Physical Form: Pale Amber Liquid
Solubility in Water: yes
Bulk Density: 8.99 lbs. / gal.
pH: 10.5-11.5

Ultramal S-1400

Ultramal S-1400 is an odor free innovative solution for the most difficult cleaning problems exhibiting far superior environmentally friendly characteristics than most commercial cleaners in the market today.  Ultramal S-1400 is especially effective for concrete truck cleaning.  Ultramal S-1400 will replace unsafe and odorous acid combination products.

Unique     Safe     Effective     Proven Technology

Suggested Applications

Concrete and Masonry Cleaners
•     Removes dried concrete from brick and other surfaces
•     Cleans and degreases concrete driveways, decorative patios and other surfaces
•     Prepares and etches garage floors prior to painting
•     Grout cleaners are effectively formulated

Hard Surface Cleaners
•     Removes soap scum and water hardness from kitchen and bathroom surfaces
•     Cleans and freshens sinks, toilet bowls and other difficult to clean surfaces
•     Removes rust stains from surfaces such as tubs, sinks, and toilet bowls
•     Removes road film from automobiles
•     Dissolves concrete from hard surfaces and processing equipment

Excellent Recirculating System Cleaner
•     Prevents build up of scale
•     Excellent anti-redeposition properties

Ultramal S-1400 combines two patented technologies: an acid salt suitable for replacing mineral acids such Muriatic Acid and a polymeric surfactant that exhibits dispersion, detergency, and chelation properties.  In most cases Ultramal S-1400 can be formulated into products suitable for all of the above applications by simply diluting with water.

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