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Acid Replacement



ULTRA BIOCID is a low ph organic salt that performs like an acid. ULTRA BIOCID has a similar ph and pka value of the strongest industrial acids used today. ULTRA BIOCID offers a number of advantages such as:

Odor free (non-fuming)
Non corrosive to human flesh
Non corrosive to metals
Non dot regulated
ph below 1.0
no vapor pressure
BOD/COD 95% less than Acetic Acid
BOD/COD 99% less than Citric Acid

ULTRA BIOCID technology has successfully replaced acetic, citric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, formic, nitric, phosphoric and oxalic acids.  
Some Ultra Bicoid applications include textile processing, janitorial cleaners, paper production, poultry drinking water and energy industries.

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The Ultra Biocid technology is an excellant ph neutralizing compound for denim mercerization processes.  This product is being widely used globally for denim processing by some of the largest denim producers.  The advantages for denim manufacturing are as follows:

Very low BOD/COD contribution to wastewater treatment systems
Very low sludge formation
Very stable ph control
Can achieve any ph desired
Very low corrosion to stainless steel metals and human skin
Ultra Biocid is sold in concentrated form but can be diluted with water to the desired concentration level
Ultra Biocid is economically priced


Ultra Biocid AGL  is a safe, low pH salt displaying     
  many of the useful properties of mineral and organic acids     
  such as: hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), phosphoric acid,     
  sulfamic, citric, gluconic, formic, glycolic and many other acids     
  and acid blends. The product can be used as provided, diluted     
  with water, or formulated to produce truly unique, hardworking,     
  functional products.   
  Performance Advantages of Ultra Biocid AGL    

  • Safe and Easy to Handle     
  • DOT Non-regulated     
  • Non Fuming     
  • Classified as Mild Skin Irritant     
  • Non-corrosive to Mild Steel and Skin     
  • Over 70% as Effective as Hydrochloric Acid with     
  • None of the Extreme Hazards     
  • Removes Rust, Hard Water Deposits, Insoluble Calcium     
  Salts, Smoke and Soot Residues, Road Films     
  and a Variety of Hard to Remove Soils and Stains     
  • More Effective and More Economical than Citric           
  Phosphoric, Glycolic, Sulfamic and other Commonly     
  Used Acids.


Ultra Biocid AGL is an excellant low ph source for most bathroom and kitchen cleaning aids


       Ultra Biocid AGL is an excellant calcium solublizer for ash and soot residues, effectively removes hard water deposits and rust in smoke stacks and energy producing equipment



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